John’s Testimonials

Diane Dimond, Nationally Syndicated Columnist and TV Journalist

Diane Dimond

I like to think that I'm pretty savvy about social media, and then I met John Sparks. I realized I really didn't know that much. John kindly and patiently worked with me long distance to help me through optimizing my twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, turning the time that I spent working on social media more toward my own benefit. After just a few sessions with John, he helped me spruce up my profiles, get more Twitter followers and learn to better communicate with people and engage using Social which can help me reach my goals. In short I guess John Sparks sort of helped me stand out on the Internet rather than be buried like so many other people. I guess what I'm saying here is John is a real treasure and if you are looking at a better broader reach through social media or any improvement in your Internet footprint, you really should call John!

Diane Dimond
Diane Dimond

Chris Arnold, Sports Radio Talk Show Host

Chris Arnold

My life is being in the media and social media is not just the wave of the future, it's right now. To enhance your social media presence talk to a friend of mine. His name is John Sparks. He's with  I can't tell you how great he and his company is. In fact, I'll just give you an example. Dallas Morning News had a sportscasters' poll. I went to John. John was incredible. His services were unbelievable. I moved through the brackets, we had a lot of fun, so many people were involved but they were involved in a fun way. I can't say enough about his services.

Chris Arnold
Chris Arnold

Cindy Morrison, President, SOCIALVENTION & CWM Media

Cindy Morrison talks about John Sparks

I've hired John several times to help my SOCIALVENTION team with some LinkedIn issues and to do some training. I think he knows his stuff. He's so great to work with and I highly, highly recommend him.

Cindy Morrison

Vicki Hitzges, International Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author

Vick Hitzges Online ImageWorks

I started working with John Sparks. When I first started working with him, you couldn't find me on LinkedIn.  Now I am the number one motivational speaker. When you type in motivational speaker you will find my name. I didn't even know how to use Twitter. My Klout score has skyrocketed and it is primarily because of Twitter. John Sparks showed me how to use all kinds of social media. I have hugely appreciated John Sparks and you will too.

Vicki Hitzges
Vicki Hitzges

Anibal Pacheco, Owner, Instructional Technology Solutions

John Sparks

As a technology integration specialist, I thought I was pretty savvy about the use of social media, that is until I met John Sparks.  He has taught me many valuable lessons about the importance of making quality connections in professional social media networks.  If you're looking to improve your personal brand or business, I will highly recommend John and his company Online ImageWorks.  He helped me improve my LinkedIn profile, and has given me many tips about how to increase engagement through the use of social media.  If you're looking to use social media in today's world where we are all connected and share knowledge with one another, I recommend John Sparks and Online ImageWorks.

Maria Ramos-Person, Owner & CEO, Bonitos Products™

I highly recommend John Sparks with Online ImageWorks. If you're new to social media, if you are currently immersed in social media he is just a great asset. He is up to date on all of the topics in the industry. He has just been very, very helpful in assisting Bonitos Products with our Facebook page, with our Twitter page...John is a valuable resource for anyone that is in the social media space

He is able to come in and assess your environment and see exactly what you need in the social media platform.

Maria Ramos-Person
Bonitos Products

I was lost. John showed me the way!

I didn't know anything about Social Media, so I called John Sparks. He walked me through the learning process and helped me understand what Social was about and why it was important to my business.

I now have a program in place designed by John, and the results have been very impressive. From not knowing anything to having a strong Social presence in record time, I couldn't be happier. Thanks John and Online Image Works.

Nyla Clark Kurtz
Enhancements by Design

Take Your Social To The Next Level

John Sparks gets results. The bottom line for new Social Media is the ROI, and John can show you quickly in simple terms how to make Social work for you.

I've sent quite a few clients to John, and the reviews are in: Great Results quickly. I recommend John and Online Image Works for improving your online Social Media Presence.