5 Ways To Increase Your Client Base For Your Brand On Twitter/Instagram

Many articles are written on how to increase your client base on Twitter/Instagram. When Bernard asked me to write on this topic for his personal branding magazine, I stalled! “Isn’t this a topic we’ve already discussed to death!?!”, I thought. I had no idea how to make MY suggestions different than what’s already out there. Yet, the key to increasing a client base through any platform is to be distinctive! We must stand out & be different. Here are 5 ways to accomplish this on Twitter & Instagram:

1) Double Brand Yourself. Have both a personal brand & a business brand. We can get away with sending content out on a personal brand that we can’t send out on a business brand. The personal brand is about us. The business brand is where we keep content focused; sell & close deals. Build relationships on the personal brand first. Most time should be spent here. Once trust & a personal relationship is built, convert prospects from the personal to business brand. Consumers are more likely to buy from a business when values of the people who make up the business are in line with their own core beliefs!

2) Understand & Utilize “Diversification”. We convince others they can’t do without your offerings though diversification. Diversification is typically thought of as a business strategy. A risk management technique. It’s the idea different kinds of investments will yield higher returns. By having different kinds of investments we also will have a lower risk than any individual investment. On Twitter & Instagram think of our investment as the content. Offer different types of content on a personal brand. Some content should be industry specific. Some should be geared towards hobbies & interests of the followers. Some of it should be for developing personal relationships with the followers. Some of it should be interactions with these individuals. When we scroll through our social feeds it should look like our own television variety show. It should look like we are the star of that show!

3) Take Me Somewhere I Haven’t Been. Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know.
Pictures & tweets need to take the audience on a journey. They should inform them about common things. But, they should touch on areas where knowledge about these common things is sparse. Amaze & Enlighten! Everything we push out should be intentional! All of it should deliver value!

4) Strategically stalk with excellence in a good way! Set a timer for 5-10 minutes. Write down the names of all the competitors in your industry. Go to their Twitter/Instagram. Find out who they are following . Find out who is following them. Follow those people. Don’t Wait, Engage!

5) Be Yourself! The best way to attract others and increase your client base is to be yourself. You are uniquely you! You create lasting impressions through your content. So, get ready! People will flock to be your client because they will come to realize You are the only place they can get that one of a kind experience that only You have to offer!
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