How Does Twitter Work? The 2-Steps to Follow and Get Followed Back

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How Does Twitter Work?

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It’s amazing how many people don’t realize there is a proper way to follow someone on Twitter. How does Twitter work? The ultimate goal of following someone on Twitter is getting the Tweep on the other end to follow you back!

When you get someone to follow you back on Twitter, you are doing several things. You are increasing your value in the online community. It helps you to create stronger relationships with the people who care about what you do online. Any marketer will tell you that relationships are the key to success.

Put your sales hat on and start thinking about getting someone to follow you back on Twitter the same way you would try to get someone to buy something from you.

Follow someone and get followed back in 2 easy steps.

How Does Twitter Work? The 2-Steps to Follow and Get Followed Back

1. Click on the “Follow” button next to the person you want to follow.

2. Send the other person a Tweet. In this tweet, be sure to:

  • Assume they are going to follow you back.
  • Engage the other person by asking them a question which shows interest in them.
  • Check for trending topics.
  • Try to mention one of the trending topics in a Tweet.
  • Keep the Tweet to 120 Characters Max.
  • Try to use an exclamation point in the Tweet.
A Simple Twitterduction:

How Does Twitter Work?Click on this Tweet to see an example of a simple Twitterduction. The tweet here assumes @IAmJohnSparks is going to follow @OIWmedia back: It thanks @OIWmedia for the followback even though they really haven’t started to followback yet. It assumes a sale!

Secondly, it asks @IAmJohnSparks how they are doing. It shows genuine interest in @IAmJohnSparks is.

Next, it mentions a trending topic. At the time the tweet was sent to @IAmJohnSparks “#truelife” was one of the items under United States Trends. Trending topics change. Be sure to check them out what’s trending at the time you’re sending your twitterduction and try to mention one in it  When you mention a trending topic it also puts the tweet into a trending category and it can help build other, like-minded followers on your Twitter train.

Finally, make sure you try to keep the tweet at 120 words or less and include an exclamation point. When you do these two things, more people will be inclined to Re-tweet your tweet since it stands out from the pack.

Want to know more on how does Twitter work? Have questions or comments about how to follow someone?. We’d love to hear from you.

Branding With Social Media

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Want to make big bucks? You’ll do it if you’re branding yourself properly on social media.

Branding means creating the “right kind” of emotional response you want people to have when they hear your name, see you online, or meet you in person.

It’s a good idea to try to make this emotional response uniform and consistent wherever possible.

Here’s 10 tips to help you start Branding with Social Media:

1) Set a timer for five minutes. Make a list of nouns and adjectives which best describe you.

2) Circle ten of the words you consider to be most memorable.

3) Go back through your list. Narrow it down to five words. Choose carefully. Pick words others would use to search for you online. These are the words which matter most.

4) Use these keywords to write your professional headline on LinkedIn. Make sure the headline includes a “call to action”.  A call to action is how you want to engage others who are visiting your site.  Examples include: “Let’s Connect!” or “Let’s Find You the Perfect Product!”

5) Copy and paste the professional headline. Use the same headline as your Twitter bio, the “introduction” section in Google+, Pinterest profile, and other social media sites.

6) Develop your name into a brand. This will take a little work. Start with Twitter. Create a handle for your personal twitter account which uses your name as part of it. Make sure it isn’t taken by someone else. Write it down. Don’t change it yet!

7) Do a domain search for the same handle name. Make sure you can buy the address. While you are at it, check Facebook, LinkedIn, and for the same vanity names. Make sure they are not taken on these websites.

8) After you’ve found your name: change your twitter handle, buy the website, change your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ address, and URLs on your other social media sites.

9) Re-print your business cards to show your new social sites. The “Big 4” sites to include on your business card are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Check out my  Linkedin Tips: 10 Tips to Create Better Business Cards and Market Your Linkedin Profile.

10) Change your email signature. Include the “Big 4” social media URLs in your signature. Also include the URLs in three separate places on your LinkedIn profile: the contact info section, the end of your summary, and at the bottom of your profile under “Additional info, Advice for contacting”.

What other suggestions do you have when it comes to Branding with Social Media? Speak Your Mind in our comment section below.